Success - the fun way

Congratulations! You decided to start a new goal so you are about to change your life. Just because you decided to work on your personal growth, it doesn't mean you have to be alone. Being part of a community of like-minded people and benefitting from professional guidance greatly increases your chances of success. So get ready to boost your motivation, get inspired, be held accountable and make new friends at Uloo!

Guided Challenges

Enjoy group coaching in the form of challenges that last up to 21 days to get you started on your desired path!

1:1 Coaching

Take your progress to the next level with personalized 1:1 coaching programs from our Uloo coaches.

How does it work?

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Join a challenge

Each challenge is unique and especially designed by our Uloo coaches to help you change your habits and achieve personal growth.

The challenge themes range from wellbeing (meditation, mindfulness, yoga etc.) to professional self-development (career coaching, productivity, programming etc.).

Make sure to sign up for notifications every time a new challenge is launched so you don't miss the right one for you!

Self improvement together in a mastermind group with Uloo

Complete activities

In order to keep you engaged, put the new insights into practice and build new habits, the coach will assign you tasks on a regular basis.

In the Uloo app, you will be able to:

  • mark an activity as 'done' in one click
  • track your daily and monthly progress
  • share your results

The more commited you are to the challenge, the more benefits you will see in both the short and long term!

Self improvement together in a mastermind group with Uloo

Join LIVE sessions

Most challenges will include LIVE sessions, hosted via Zoom, where you can:

  • get to know your coach & teammates
  • directly experience their coaching
  • be able to ask questions and have a conversation around the challenge theme.

Don't worry in case you can't make it for one of the sessions! You will be able to access it later as a recording in your Activities section.

A chat for your goals & accountability

Share your experience in the challenge chat

At Uloo, you're never alone. Our aim is to enable you share your journey with like-minded people, so we highly encourage interaction with your challenge buddies and your coach in the Uloo chat!

This will not only keep you accountable during the challenge, but also help you network or make new friends!


7 Days of Gratitude
with Patrick

from Monday October 11, 2021 until Monday October 18, 2021

Empower yourself with individual coaching

Our hand-selected coaches will become your best cheerleaders to renew your energy and help you gain the confidence to change your life. Your coach will become the trusted friend who has been there before and who wants to guide you, inspire you and give you the advice you need to take action. Book your first coaching session for free on the app and get to know your coach!

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