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Let's talk about Mindfulness, Coaching, Enterprise Design Thinking, Agile

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I am a Mindfulness Teacher who has taught tens of thousands of people, with experience consulting, setting up and running Enterprise wide mindfulness programs for some of the world's greatest companies.

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Guarantee improvements, embodied mindfulness and connect and 👇

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  • University of Oxford Mindfulness Teacher
  • Enterprise Design Thinking Coach
  • Agile Thought Leader

Patrick aka 'Mindful Pat' speaks

English, Polish

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Patrick aka 'Mindful Pat' doesn't have any Coaching Program available.

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Mindful Presence

15 Minutes

50.00 €

Mindful Conversation

30 Minutes

75.00 €

Mindfulness action plan

60 Minutes

100.00 €

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Thank you for re-introducing me to Mindfulness practices. It was truly a pleasure to participate and observe your sessions. Your knowledge, skills and personal style are what makes it so amazing.

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