Group Coaching Programs

Easy setup to run effective Group Coaching

Follow the Uloo Group Coaching Program model that is perfected through study cases and experience. It is easy to set up and fully flexible to fit your group coaching program. Fully immerse and engage better with your clients by breaking down your content into easy-to-do daily activities. Keep them hooked and accountable to unlock their greatest potential.

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Effortless payment processing and management

Set your own pricing and receive clients payment directly in the app. Track all income on your dashboard powered by Stripe and control how you want to get paid. Stripe takes a percentage of every transaction made within the Uloo coaching platform. A part of this fee is also contributed to carbon removal!

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Group Coaching Programs

Better engagement, better outcome

Pinned daily to-do-activities assigned by you for your group members to focus on.

Push mobile notification every time you post a new activity.

Safe space to discuss anything. Uloo chat is secured with HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001 compliance.

Group Chat

Text & audio messaging to communicate with group members.

Fun message reactions to encourage feedback and peer-to-peer motivations.

Media & file sharing to support coaching materials & resources.


Boost your coaching with these powerful tools

Solution to scale

One-to-many coaching to scale your business while maintaining the quality of your coaching. Manage clients in different groups for better group dynamics.

Easy set up

Complete your coach profile, submit your signature coaching program, invite your clients with your personal link, and start coaching.

Flexible integration

Link and pin any coaching materials from anywhere in the world wide web or your personal device to the to-do activities.

Actionable analytics

Real-time insights of your clients progress individually and collectively, so you can fine-tune your coaching to meet their needs.

Rewards for your clients

Generate certificates of completion and a booklet of the whole coaching program activities for your clients to take as rewards.

Close connections

Access, manage, and connect with your clients easily through the private chat for follow-ups or simply to say hello, even after your coaching program is completed.

Group Coaching Programs

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Register to join our upcoming Live Demo to see all Uloo features and tools together with the Uloo team. Tell us your coaching journey and see how Uloo can help you scale. This live demo is held every two weeks, so mark your calendar, and see you there!

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Do you need Uloo Features only for 1:1 coaching?

Create your coach profile on our coaching marketplace and start running your 1:1 Coaching Sessions using Uloo coaching tools and features. By joining Uloo as a coach, you are eligible to access Uloo Coaching Community and Uloo Academy.

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Group Coaching Programs

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Dedicated support

Email, chat, and an assigned community manager to assist you in launching and running your group coaching programs.

Promotion package

Get the word out with our promotion materials for you as a coach and your group coaching programs.

Uloo coaching community

Encouraging space to share and learn from fellow coaches in our coaching community.

Uloo Academy

Join our trainings and workshops created to empower coaches like you to grow and succeed.

Group Coaching Programs


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